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Lots of dates [Jan. 8th, 2009|08:56 am]
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I have 2 page-a-day calendars at work because they were both Christmas gifts and I love them, and I can't really use one at home because I'd never remember to look at or change it. One is Cranium, and every day there is some little trivia thing, puzzle or activity. Today it teaches you how to make those little paper footballs. Instead of ripping off a page each day, it's actually 365 separate papers sitting in this little holder, so you just pull them out one at a time. I've been bringing them home to show Casey each day.

The other one is Stephen Colbert, and as much as I love him, that one is spending a lot of time in my desk drawer. People that don't know or understand Stephen might be pretty offended if they happened to read that calendar. Like yesterday's entry, where he said something about how since a large number of men in prison engage in homosexual activity, it stands to reason that most criminals are gay. And if that's the case, why not put all homosexuals in prison to save time? Now, if you don't know that Stephen is playing a character that is entirely sarcastic, you really might take that the wrong way. LOL

Also, I freaking love my The Office wall calendar, which I have prominently displayed in my cubicle. Each month features one character (Michael is first, natch) and has "post-its" and notes all over of things they would write (for example, "Ryan's being a little bitch again"). It's fabulous.

And in case you're wondering, at home I have a chic fil a calendar Casey's friend gave her for Christmas (featuring the famous cows in odd photos) in the kitchen, the school district calendar in the living room, and Casey has a Happy Bunny one that her dad and his wife gave her in her room. My dad called me the other day to say he'd picked me up a calendar from the church, and I said no thanks, I think we've got it covered. LOL